Second World War In United States As Argentina Seeks Pound of Flesh

The final of the Copa America Centenario 2016 hosted by the United States is arguably one final that will cause a lot of heat, as two nations who played in the final of the Copa America 2015 clash once again.

Posterity may not forgive this current set of Argentine squad, if they fail to win the title on Sunday, after losing to Chile in the final of the Chile 2015 Copa America.

Both teams will be playing a consecutive final against each other in two major tournaments, but pressure will be heaped on Argentina, as they will be looking forward to break the trophy drought which their national side has suffered for more than 23 years.

Chile who won in the final of their last meeting at home will be hoping to repeat same, but that may just be too difficult against an Argentina side  where Lionel Messi is thirsty for national title.

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