Sevilla Bursts England’s Last Hope Of Winning European Title, As They Thrash Second-Best Liverpool In Europa Cup Final

It was a shocking moment for Liverpool yesterday night, at Basel Stadium, as they lost to Sevilla by 1-3 in a match that the winner was decided even before the final whistle sounded.

Liverpool took the lead in first half, but what shocked Liverpool manager most was that Sevilla equalized in second half, and Liverpool failed to recover from the equalizer until it became 1-3.

klopp 2

Klopp was as confused as the players

England’s hope of having five teams in the champions league next season shattered on the pitch yesterday night, as Sevilla won an unprecedented three consecutive Europa League title in five years. Where then did Liverpool get it wrong?

Liverpool had lost in the final of the Carlings Cup in England to Manchester City, this second loss in a final this season automatically made them become the second-best in England this season. The second loss was a hope that would have practically taken them to the UEFA champions league, irrespective of their performance in the domestic league, but they failed to utilize it.

The players were as confused as the Coach, but a determined Sevilla practically outplayed Liverpool in the second half of the match, possessing and properly utilizing their chances to win the second most prestigious title in European club football and also qualify to the European champions League next season.

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