Shaunae Miller of Bahamas Used Diving To Win Olympic Gold At Rio

Shaunae Miller of the Bahamas threw herself across the finish line to win gold in the 400-meter final on Monday. She finished in 49.44 seconds, defeating Allyson Felix of the United States (49.51).

Shaunae Miller who was desperate and saw it clearly that Allyson Felix was ahead of her as far as the race was concerned employed an acrobatic style which gave her the gold medal at the Rio Olympics on Monday night, defeating and surprising Allyson Felix of the United States who was probably seeing herself as the winner of the race.

top view

Top view: Showing how Shaunae Miller of Bahamas threw herself to win Olympic gold

Running from Lane 7 and leading down the stretch, the 22-year-old slowed down her pace to enable her put less force into the ground and move herself forward. Still, her torso crossed first as required by the rules and she took the gold medal in 49.44 seconds, which is arguably her personal best in the Olympics.

Miller remained on her back on the track until she was officially declared the winner in a photo finish. Felix who was seeking to become the first woman to win five Olympic gold medals in track and field, was astonished that she took second in 49.51.

Felix who did not qualify for the 200 meters saw the result as disappointing, she had hoped to win gold medals at 200 and 400 meters. She did not qualify for the Olympic 200. She still has a chance to win a gold medal in the 4×400 relay, which is scheduled to begin Friday.
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