Spain May Have Six Teams In Next Edition of The Champions League

Spain have proved that they really deserved the five representatives (Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla) which they had at the tournament, as two of their teams have scaled through to the final of the champions league final. But it looks as if the number may increase by next season.

A critical review of the current situation clearly indicates that Spain may have six teams in the next edition.

  1.  Either of Real Madrid or Atlectico will emerge as defending champions, despite being among the top four in the domestic league;(One team)
  2. Either of Athletico Bilbao or Celta Vigo  that finished fifth in the league table will automatically fill the vacuum created by the emergence of a defending champion at the champions league; (Four teams)
  3. Two of Spanish teams who are already in the semifinal of the Europa cup may emerge as champion, and that will automatically qualify the team for champions league (One Team);
  4. However, if it is Villarreal that emerged as champions of Europa, vacuum will be created in the domestic league as they are currently fourth on the table, and this will give room for the team that originally finished sixth to also qualify (One team);
  5. However, if Sevilla emerge as champions at the Europa Villareal will still maintain as top four;
  6. Either of Nos (3) or (4) above will be applicable, while No (5) will apply when No (4) is not applicable;
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