St. Dominic Walking Competition: 21 Most Fascinating Actions Caught On Camera

The 3rd edition of the Rev. Bro Stephen Lucas Walking Competition was a huge success, Sport Intelligence will be bringing to you 21 most fascinating actions that were caught on camera during the One-day Sport event.

1. Taking off was filled with lots of determination for the adult category, no smiles, no laughter, seriousness was held in high esteem











2. The youth could at least afford the luxury of smiles during their Take-off, though determined and focused.











3. Officials soon forgot their job and was staring at the camera man










4. But they were soon called to duty when an athlete suddenly appeared










5. Seriousness, determination and the desire to win was seen in the actions of some ladies. Looking back became a taboo!!












6. Oops! Was Father Clement walking or Jugging? At times a Walking Competition could become a “Jugging Competition”.

7. Fr. Clement getting his own share of the glucose in an effort to ensure more energy is gathered for the walk.











8. Champions are known to walk alone in most cases, Kalu Nnamdi walked alone to finish the Walk in 42 minutes becoming the overall champion












9. Its strange to see a girl not accuse a young guy for walking too fast, but it happened, this lady tried to measure up rather than make that call











10. Oops! Was Solomon and his friend actually “Walking” or “Jugging”?











11. Side distraction was the tactics employed by Coach Joseph Shodunke to distract Solomon











12. Efforts made by other athletes to measure up with Kalu’s record proved abortive, he was just good to it.











13. This man heaved a sigh of relief when he finally got to the finishing point. Reaching the end was golden itself, it does not matter whether a medal emerged or not.











14. For mama, it was humour and fun reaching the end of the walk at least some officials were kind enough to welcome her












15. Pastor tried to sneak in quietly into the premises after a wonderful officiating, but he…










16. ….was caught and his presence was quickly announced by Mrs Ushi










17. Antonia Eromosele who emerged first in women adult category was celebrated when she eventually arrived











18. The fact that no casualty was recorded was a thing of joy for the Red Cross society who were on ground











19. Some mothers who were around could not just hold their joy back after completing the journey











20. At least all the men who took part in the elderly category were at least 50 years










Chairperson St. Dominic Sport Ministry congratulates Pastor Rev. Fr. Felix Onemheghie for a job well done.











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