Suarez Back To Uruguay National Team After Serving FIFA Ban, But Will He Bite Again?

Luis Suarez is set to return to international duties for country Uruguay, after he was banned from nine international matches and in all football-related matters after biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini at the 2014 World Cup.

Though the ban earlier affected his unveiling and play for his new club Barcelona, management appealed to the judgment of FIFA at CAS, arguing that the incident occurred while on international duties and not club, hence he was later allowed to play for Barcelona.

Interestingly, Barcelona put a clause in his contract which allows him to pay a fine of $3m to them if for any reason he bites while playing for them.

As the Barcelona star is set to return to international assignment for Uruguay in world cup qualifier against Brazil and Peru, Uruguay Coach Oscar Tabarez does not expect to see a repeat of such biting incident from Suarez.

Speaking at a news conference, Tabarez said the least he expected was that Suarez would avoid another biting incident.

“He must have feelings and one of the targets we have is to try to get him to only think about football. Nothing else, nothing that may bother him,” he said.

“We will get rid of anything that may disturb a sense of calm. Of course, that would be always speaking with him. That’s the idea we have.

“This is not the right moment, but some serious things have happened, the least we can expect is that they won’t happen again.

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