Swansea City Shock Struggling Chelsea

Swansea recorded their first ever premier league victory against Chelsea, after they defeated Guus Hiddinks men by 1-0.

The win also puts them in a comfortable zone to stay clear-off the relegation zone with six more matches to go.

Interestingly, Hiddinks men possessed more of the ball, but it was Gylfi Sigurdsson only goal of the match, that separated the score line as he also recorded his ninth goal in this season.

The defending champions had a 14-match unbeaten record before this match, but it was the Swans historical defeat that ended that record at Liberty stadium.

The defeat also hinders Chelsea’s unrealistic hope of finishing top four as they trail Liverpool who have one match and an outstanding match to play.

With six more matches to go for Chelsea, they may still make it to Europa if they win their remaining six matches and pray fervently that some upset could come up in their favour.

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