Ten Reasons Why Most Nigerian Football Fans Hate Barcelona?

Barcelona is arguably one football club that plays the best brand of football in Europe, their style of play is so beautiful that it is at times misconstrued for the regular ‘Play-station’ game that is played by youths. They area team that loves to possess the ball, they possess the ball in such a manner that even in defeat they are still in possession. Their performance has earned them both home and European titles within a space of time than any other European club.

barca 2

Barca once completed 25 uninterrupted passes against Madrid

However, despite their wonderful performance, watching Barcelona play another team, or are been beaten by another team in a viewing centre or a bar gives one a typical view of what most Nigerians feel for the top flight Spanish club. There is this high-level of hate for the club, and in fact, a display of “passion of hatred”. Most Nigerian fans wants Barcelona to be out, irrespective of how wonderful their performance may be, while some fans express their joy at Barcelona’s failure in any tournament by simply drinking to stupour.

Sports Intelligence made out time to investigate reasons for this attitude, and the following are some of the reasons which most Nigerian fans allege influence their decisions towards the club

  • Barcelona wants to win always in any match;
  • Barcelona are UEFA’S favourite they get so much favour from them;
  • Barcelona are always possessing the ball, they don’t want their opponent to hold it;
  • Barcelona are always supported by referees hence they should not be supported;
  • Barcelona alongside Madrid get the highest TV rights in Spain and don’t give other clubs ample opportunity to benefit from it;
  • Barcelona have the best players such as Lionel Messi, they should allow him go to another club in England;
  • Barcelona are always aspiring to win after winning, they should give others chance to win too;
  • Barcelona play good and beautiful football, most Nigerian fans probably do not like that;
  • Barcelona have eliminated or denied several English clubs opportunity to win titles in European tournaments;
  • Barcelona should just not win, because they should not win.

However, football fans in Nigeria who see the above as reason(s) for their feelings for BARCELONA must learn to ask one question. If the SUPER EAGLES of Nigeria play like BARCELONA,would they feel the same way for the SUPER EAGLES?

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