The Most Embarrassing Hurdle of Rio 2016 Olympics

Jeffrey Julmis of Haiti executed one of the worst starts to a 110m hurdle run ever seen since the inception of the Olympics.

As Jeffrey was running in the first semi-final of the event, he was slow out of the blocks and then never got anywhere near clearing the first hurdle.

He appeared to take one stride too many before the first leap and ended up steamrolling through the barrier before falling spectacularly in a messy pile.

Despite the embarrassing hurdle, he got up and finished the hurdle, but was immediately disqualified from the event.

moment 1

Jeffrey Julmis of Haiti started his embarrassing hurdle with determination

moment 2

Then he went down in what drew the attention of officials and the crowd at Rio


With same determination he went fully down and fear gripped everyone he was injured but was finally disqualified

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