Today’s Sports Diet “Please Don’t Waste The Watermelon Rind”

Based on the result of the newest research by Chinese experts, watermelon peel (rind) is a valuable medicine which contains low sugar concentration to help us on reducing body heat and detoxifying body as well. You can eat fresh watermelon peel or use minced dried watermelon peel to drink. Let’s learn some below benefits of watermelon peel.

  • Treat acne

Boil 100g green bean with 1.500 ml of water in 10 minutes. Next, add 500g watermelon rind into the boiling water and continue to cook in 2 minutes. Cool this water and drink during a day. This water will support us on acne treatment and reduce body heat

  • Blood Pressure:

Juicy watermelon rinds offer a high dose of cirulline amino acid, which helps dilate blood vessels, improving blood circulation. The easiest way to take advantage of watermelon rind health benefits is to blend a whole piece of watermelon with lime. If you’re in the mood for something with a little kick, add some gin or vodka to make it a heart-healthy cocktail

  • . Constipation treatment 

Because of watermelon benefits on our body, water melon peel can treat constipation greatly in oriental medicine.

  • Good for Anti- Aging, Diabetes and Heart Disease

Watermelon contains lots of carotene, a kind of substance which is good for anti-aging. For those who have diabetes, eating watermelon will supply levuloz, a kind of good sugar for diabetes people. Moreover, watermelon rind also helps us to reduce cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis.

  • . Diuretic

Drinking water made from watermelon peel will help us on refreshment in the summer and diuretic as well.

  • Good for muscle growth

Using watermelon peel as a kind of salad will support us on muscle growth.

You can chomp on the rind after finishing your slice of watermelon or you can use it in recipes.

  • In China and Thailand, watermelon rinds are stir-fried with all kinds of yummy ingredients like salted pork, ginger, and soy sauce.
  • Pickled watermelon rinds are popular in the American south as well as Russia, China, Thailand, and Japan.
  • In Iraq, watermelon rinds are turned into thick jam.
  • You’ll usually want to remove the bitter hard green skin on the outside of the rind and use just the white part, but some people like to leave on a little bit of green if they’re looking for a more bitter flavor to their recipe.

Please don’t throw the rind away……….

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