Tottenham Will Be Playing Under Pressure Says Hiddinks

Chelsea boss Guus Hiddinks thinks that Tottenham will be under pressure today as they come out to play defending champions Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Tottenham travel to Stamford Bridge tonight with their balloon of hope hanging after last week’s disappointing draw at home to West Brom.

Hiddinks said, ‘They (Tottenham) are now experiencing what it looks like to be on top.I’m not much into statistics, but it’s the first time in their history they’re now in the end competing for the Premier League title.


“In some players it might cause nerves. They might under-perform a bit. Leicester are fearless but some Spurs players might be affected by being on top and think ‘what now?’

Interestingly, this mood could put the Spurs under pressure as it is not an easy task to be on top.

Unfortunately, Spurs have not won any game in their last four meetings at Stamford Bridge, they will need to battle with history before any other thing.

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