Under-fire Wenger Gets Support From Arsenal Chiefs Despite Fans Protest

Arsenal chiefs have given support to under-fire manager Arsene Wenger following a mass protest by fans of Arsenal in London.

Arsenal were sent packing from the champions league by Bayern Munich after a heavy 10-2 aggregate defeat which was the worst defeat any English side would suffer in the champions league, making the club to lose out for the 7th time in a row under the French man.

The situation remains painful on fans particularly as Arsenal have dropped and currently no longer among the top four clubs with just eleven matches to end the season.

But Arsene Wenger insists “I don’t work for my image I work for this club, and with full commitments and that’s what I do”.

Wenger’s  £8million-a-year contract ends this ­summer, but fans protested massively calling for his contract not to be renewed.

On the contrary, there is a two-year contract on the table for Wenger, but the Arsenal management are keen on seeing how the season ends before making a final decision about the French man.

Keswick told The Mirror: “We’re fully aware of the attention ­currently focused on the club and understand the debate,“We respect that fans are entitled to their different ­individual opinions but we will always run this great ­football club with its best long-term ­interests at heart.

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