Usain Bolt’s Emotional Farewell Message To Athletics

The 30-year-old world fastest man ended his career in a manner that suggested to him that you have to quit otherwise, you will regret. Hence, Usain Bolt who took part in his last race at the IAAF Championship 2017 atwhich took place at the London Stadium, where he officially said good bye to athletics:

Before his emotional message, the Jamaican revealed: “After losing the 100m someone said to me, ‘Usain don’t worry Muhammad Ali lost his last fight too, so don’t be stressed’.

“I’ve seen too many people retire and come back and make it worse or shame themselves,” he said. “I won’t be one of those persons.”

Bolt acknowledge greetings from the crowd after

“For me, I’ve proved myself year in year out my whole career. I don’t think one championship or the fact I didn’t end my last race will change what I’ve done.

“The way I look at life is everything happens for a reason, I just don’t know the reason this happened.”

“I stopped at the 200m start and then again at the 100m start,” he explained. “I said goodbye to my fans and to my events also.

“I almost cried. It was close but it didn’t come.”


“I have always been strong on doping,” he said. “I feel athletes should get a life ban if you go out of your way to cheat.

“This sport has gone through a lot. We hit rock bottom last year and now we’re on the way back. But we have to be strict on this to keep the sport in a good light.

“I’ve proven to the world that you can be great without doping.”

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