Weekend Humiliation Makes Arsenal Fans Remember 23:12:2000

Liverpool thrashed Arsenal 4-0 at Anfield stadium on Saturday, in what would question the ability of Arsene Wenger’s men to find their way back to the top four, after losing out last season.

Aside the fact that the 4-0 loss was humiliating and embarrassing, it also reminded Arsenal fans of the dilemma which they encountered 17 years ago at Anfield, when Liverpool thrashed them 4-0 on December 23, 2000.

17 years is indeed a very long time since Arsenal recorded such scoreline against Liverpool at Anfield, but its also quite unfortunate that the defeat is still coming up under same manager who was in charge of Arsenal when they were last humiliated with such scoreline at Anfield.

Fans had protested before the begin of the season, calling on management to sack the French man, but management extended his contract by two years keeping the Frenchman in Arsenal till 2019.

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