Weightlifting Comes To An End In Rio Olympics

The Rio Olympics which started on August 5 and is expected to end on August 21 is still on, but interestingly Weightlifting has come to an end.

This however means that some athletes are already through with their mission in Rio as Weiglifting ended during the weekend. These athletes will be left with no other option than to join the team of fans who have come to cheer their compatriots to victory while they also go enjoying the hospitality which Brazilians are also known for.

Interestingly this is happening, while some other Sports such as track and field, Badminton and Taekwondo are yet to begin

Among the “one and done” group is weightlifter Morghan King, 30, of Seattle. Five feet tall, 105 lbs. and sporting her trademark orange-and-silver manicure for luck, she competed on Saturday night in the 48 kg. weight class.

She managed to hoist more than double her body weight in the clean and jerk event,lifting 100 kg.


Men’s 56 KG

Place Lifter Weight
Gold Long Qingquan (China) 307kg
Silver Om Yun-Col (North Korea) 304kg
Bronze Sinphet Kruaithong (Thailand) 289kg
4 Arli Chontey (Kazakhstan) 278kg
5 Le Quoc Toan Tran (Vietnam) 275kg


Women’s 53 KG

Place Lifter Weight
Gold Hsu Shu-Ching (Chinese Tapei) 212 kg
Silver Hidilyn Diaz (Philippines) 200 kg
Bronze Yoon Jin Hee (South Korea) 199 kg
4 Rebeka Koha (Latvia) 197 kg
5 Rosane dos Reis Santos (Brazil) 193 kg


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