Will Africa Ever Host The Olympic Games

Since the Ancient Olympic Games was modernized and became open to all, Africa is yet to get an opportunity to host one of the most watched Sporting events in the world.

The issue of bidding to host the Olympic games became so political and corrupt such that Africa will need to put extraordinary effort to host the Olympic Games. In August 2004, the BBC aired a documentary entitled Panorama: Buying the Games, which investigated the taking of bribes in the bidding process for the London 2012 Summer Olympics. The documentary claimed it was possible to bribe IOC members to vote for a particular city.

Although critics feel Africa does not have the type of stadium that is capable of containing the targeted capacity. But capacity of stadium may not just be the reason why Africa has not been able to host the games.

The Beijing 2008 Olympics was hosted at the Beijing National Stadium which has a capacity of 91,000. The London 2012 Olympic Games was hosted at the Wembley stadium with capacity of 90,000, while the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games will be hosted at the Maracana stadium which has a capacity of 78,838.

These findings clearly show that the issue of Africa not being able to host the Olympic Games is far beyond the availability of stadiums that is capable of containing the     Interestingly, the FNB or the Soccer City stadium located in Johannesburg in South Africa which was upgraded before the 2010 FIFA World Cup, has a capacity of 94,736. Making it bigger than the last two stadiums and the Maracana stadium which is expected to host the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Another school of thought could argue that insecurity could also be another reason, but the world trouped to Africa for the FIFA 2010 World Cup and there was no reported cases of insecurity of lives during the event, so how do we reconcile this.large crowd coming from various parts of the world to cheer her athletes to victory during the event.

Africa is a patient continent, hoping that someday she will be given the opportunity to host the Olympic Games, just as an opportunity was given to her by the World governing football body to host the World Cup.

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