Will Zidane And Enrique Continue To Fight, As Both Clash As Managers In El Classico For The First Time?

The duo of  Zinedine Zidane and Luis Enrique had a bitter spell during their hey days as footballers. While Zidane played for Madrid, Enrique happens to be the  very few players that played in both Real Madrid and Barcelona.

While Zidane was in Madrid he confronted or attacked Enrique on several occasions on field of play, perhaps owing to the fact that the later started with Madrid before moving to the Catalans and this caused furor between both players even while Enrique had the captain armband of Barcelona.


However, both players are now managers of both clubs respectively, and they are now going to clash for the first time as managers at Camp Nou. What exactly will be going through their minds prior to this match, and what would eventually happen on the field of play?

Zidane once challenged critics for trying to compare himself as a manager with Pep Guardiola. In his response he said “Why should I be compared with Pep as a manager, as players did anyone ever compare me with Pep?

Interestingly, as players Zidane may be most outstanding than Pep and Enrique, but its a different ball game altogether as a manager. The first thing that must come to the mind of both managers as they are about to meet for the first time is their history as players. They may not dwell on it as a managers, but it will become a basis for comparison for the future.

The first leg between Barcelona and Madrid went in favour of the Catalans, who won 4-0 at Santiago Bernabeu, Enrique was in charge in that defeat, but Zidane was not the man in charge, the main reason much will be expected from Zidane as both managers meet at Camp Nou.enrique 2

Barcelona are currently on top of the La Liga table with 76 points and are trailed by Atletico Madrid with 9 points, while Madrid are 10 points behind the Catalans. With eight matches to go for the trio, a win for Madrid at Camp Nou may change the destiny of the winner of the title, while a win for Barcelona will increase the margin and clear the coast for the Catalans.

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