Zidane’s Job At Stake As Leganes Send Madrid Packing From Copa Del Rey After 1-2 Victory

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane must have gotten the rudest shock of his life as a manager when lowly rated Leganes stormed Bernebeu and snatched a 2-1 victory from the embattled defending champions.

The 2-1 away victory for Leganes at the capital city means 2-2 aggregate and Madrid are out of the Copa Del Rey for the third time under the tutelage of the French man.

While the defeat brings bad omen to Zidane’s tinkered side, Leganes would become like the champions here, creating an opportunity for them to progress and win their first ever major trophy in football history.

The defeat also means Zidane’s hope of a silverware this season has been limited to only the champions league, as they are 18 points behind league leaders Barcelona and seated on the fourth position behind Valencia.

Zidane’s only hope of getting a silverware this season through the champions league is also faced with a big threat, as they will be facing a determined and tough PSG in the last 16 who will be hoping to inflict more pains on the Los Blancos.

Though the French man may have won the champions league back-to-back with the Spanish giant, the club may become impatient with him if another calamity is experienced in the champions league.

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